detox & weight loss programme

An intensive programme for anyone who wants results in a short period of time; it is ideal for anyone who is overweight, suffers from fatigue or depression, health problems and anxiety. Stress, a sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, air pollution, alcohol or tobacco, ultra-processed food, uncontrolled chemicals that are used in the majority of convenience food and environmental pollution can all give rise to the build-up of toxins in our body.

Excess weight is the cause of many health problems such as heart disease (main cause of death), cancer and diabetes. Medworld & Dr. Oz has a method that focuses on recovering the ideal state of health, regaining and boosting our vitality by combining a healthy diet with other therapies that stabilise the metabolism and cut down on the blood sugar levels, cholesterol and cleanse our body at the same time.

This can all be achieved by focusing on how to eat properly to continue to slim down until the ideal weight is reached and then maintain this for the rest of our life, thus improving our health and our energy levels. One of the keys to success of the Medworld & Dr. Oz Detox and Intensive Weight Loss Programme is what you learn during your stay, so that you don’t put the excess weight back on again and you learn how to follow a healthy diet.

Detox & Weight Loss Programme Details

  • General health examination
  • Laboratory test (and test at the end of the 14 day programme)
  • General medical consultation at the beginning and at the end of the programme
  • Consultation with an expert on nutrition and naturaltherapies
  • Modified Mediterranean Diet according to the prescription
  • Nutrition plan follow-up during the stay
  • Natural therapeutic drinks, according to the prescription
  • Natural therapeutic foods, according to the prescription Access to the Relaxation Area ( Sauna-Steam Bath- Turkish Bath-Fitness Area-Swimming Pool)
  • Consultation with an expert in anti-aging and genetic medicine
  • 5x Ozone therapy sessions (major and/or minor)(10x in the 14 day programme)
  • 1x Colon hydrotherapy sessions (2x in the 14 day programme)
  • 2x Sessions of lung or liver detox nebulisation (3x in the 14 day programme)
  • Derma-aesthetic consultation
  • 5x Oxygen bar session (10x in the 14 day programme)
  • 6x Lymphatic drainage session (12x in the 14 day programme)
  • 5x Slimming Programme with Caci Ultimate (10x in the 14 days programme)
  • 5x “Slim & Fit” or “Detox Retreat” body treatment
  • 5x Detoxifying seaweed wrap session
  • 1x Foot care sessions
  • 1x Whole body hyperthermia sessions
  • 1x Introductory evaluation and advice session with a personal trainer
  • 7x Sessions with a personal trainer, may includesome of these disciplines: electro-stimulation,cardio-tone circuit, Pilates mat, reformer Pilates,crunch, total body, fat burn, bosu forte, body weight treatment.
  • Capillary health assessment
  • 6x Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation,according to the prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture or moxibustion (12x in the 14 day programme)


Free Consultation Service

Designed to combine modern medical treatments with traditional and natural treatments to control your complaints.

An intensive programme for anyone who wants results in a short period of time

A special health program for men which taking into consideration the factors such as age, work stress, habits, sexual health and etc.