Health Programmes

We are very proud to present the general and specific programmes that Medworld & Dr.Oz has organised for you in 2018. Our clinic was set up in 2018 and we have strived to improve each one of these programmes in response to the requirements and needs of our guests.

The following programmes do not include accommodation, the details of which can be found in other complementary document. The duration recommended to achieve a real health result is minimum 7 days.

However, we strongly recommend at least 14 days to achieve significant results in a long term. The stated prices are always per person.

The choice of a Medworld & Dr. Oz Health Programme includes a selection of specific treatments for eachvspecific purpose and they have a significantly lower value than the sum of their parts.

This means that changes will not be permitted within the program, unless, following initial assessment, one of our doctors believes that a treatment included in your program may not be recommended for you, in which case they will offer you a suitable alternative.

We recommend you choose one of our Health Programmes before you come to Medworld & Dr. Oz. This will allow you to organise your schedule before arrival, and thus optimise every day of your stay from the start. In turn, you can ensure the availability of the professionals and treatments you want. We kindly request your understanding if we are unable to offer a specific service or therapy. Please understand that a certain service or therapy might be temporarily unavailable and not all the programmes are available in different languages.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact us.

Selecting the Medworld & Dr. Oz Health Programmes, you will not only buy a standard wellness services, but also Turkey’s first and only health care licensing to a hotel group, and you will be found a comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment.