Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation surgery?

Among esthetic breast surgeries, breast augmentation surgery is the most preferred; the placement of appropriate bulky breast prostheses, the desired size of the breast, and symmetryin to a void prepared under the breast tissue. During breast augmentation surgery; patient selection, surgical technique selection and selection of the prosthesis to be used are performed properly, excellent results are achieved without problems.

For some reason, the development of the teenager in the transition period can not complete the expected breast development. These causes may be genetic, familial; hormonal, polycystic over syndrome, such as a number of hormonal diseases can be; or there is no reason.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, due to excessive weight loss or after menopause, the volume of the breast may be lost or sagged.

Here is the breast enlargement surgery to be applied in these situations; it is possible to create breasts that are more proportional to the body, more fuller, more aesthetically pleasing, and increase the confidence of the person himself. Breast enlargement surgery can also be used to provide symmetry in the event of a developmental failure resulting in a breast smaller than one, or a breast due to breast cancer.

Aesthetic surgery is the surgery that gives the best results and makes the patients most happy.