Anti Aging


A programme intended to optimize health, lengthen your life expectancy and bring vitality back into your life, by means of a perfect combination of ancient eastern techniques with the latest scientific advances in personalized preventive and predictive medicine.

The purpose of the Medworld & Dr. Ozdogan Anti-aging programme is that this difference becomes increasingly greater and that we manage to maintain a youthful style of life for as long as possible. Factors that shorten our life expectancy and/or negatively affect the quality of life, attack us from outside (nutrition, infections, carcinogens and oxidants) and inside (pro-inflammatory substances, autoimmunity and tumours) and the Medworld & Dr. Ozdogan method aims to reduce or eliminate these factors.

At R-OZ, we use the knowledge acquired from the best natural therapy that includes the most perfect kind of nutrition known, which mainly comes from Eastern cultures; and all the diagnosis or preventive treatment devices, which are supported increasingly more by western scientific progress with the latest discoveries made in the fields of genetics and anti-aging medicine. Stages: There has to be a gap of at least three months between the two stages of treatment to obtain the results of certain tests, which due to their characteristics, take a long time to process.

Complete Anti – Aging

  • General medical examination
  • Laboratory test
  • Consultation with an expert in nutrition and natural therapies
  • Modified Mediterranean Diet according to the prescription
  • Nutrition follow-up during the stay
  • Natural therapeutic drinks, according to the prescription
  • Natural therapeutic foods, according to the prescription
  • Access to the Relaxation Area ( Sauna-Steam Bath, Turkish Bath-

Fitness Area-Swimming Pool)

  • Spirometry analysis
  • Osteoporosis screening by means of a bone densitometry scan
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Consultation with a cardiologist
  • Consultation with an urologist or gynaecologist
  • Derma-aesthetic consultation
  • Capillary health assessment
  • 2x Facial mesotherapy treatment
  • 6x Ozone therapy sessions (major and/or minor)
  • 6x Oxygen bar session
  • Stress and emotion management coaching session
  • Oral health consultation and a check-up with an X-ray and dental cleaning according to the patient’s specific needs
  • 6x Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation, according to the prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture or moxibustion
  • 1x Whole body hyperthermia sessions
  • 1x Osteopathy session. Musculoskeletal and posture evaluation with a physiotherapist
  • 5x Therapeutic treatment sessions, according to the prescription (deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, relaxing massage, lymphatic drainage massage or Shiatsu)
  • 5x Anti-Aging Face and Body programme with Caci Ultimate
  • 1x Foot care sessions
  • 1x Whole body hyperthermia sessions
  • 6x Session with a personal trainer, may include some of these disciplines: stretching, power plate, kinesis, electro-stimulation, cardio-tone circuit, aqua gym or Pilates mat
  • 5x Body & mind session, according to the prescription: yoga, meditation, mindfulness techniques
  • Consultation with an expert in anti-aging and genetic medicine
  • 2 Sessions of colon hydrotherapy sessions
  • Report of Anti Age and Personalised health plan